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Agriculture is at a critical crossroad! 1% of agricultural land is lost to desertification and salinsation annually. Global soil health and food nutrient density is at an all time low! If we continue down the current Industrial agriculture pathway, global food production will eventually fail.

What we do


Organichain offers all partner farmers and partner producers :

  • - Access to a currently missing Regenerative Food Sector - A huge market opportunity that is growing globally and is underserved! ;
  • - Direct sales access through our Regenerative, sustainable food e-commerce marketplace platform;
  • - Platform incentives to all farmers who maintain our standards and actively and intentionally improve soil health, carbon sequestration, animal welfare;
  • - Access to a new distribution channel and therefore opportunity for increased profitability for farmers;


Farmers using our e-commerce marketplace supply high quality products free from pesticides and herbicides, produced in an ecologically balanced manner, and which support good health.


Organichain's mission is to stimulate the uptake of Regenerative, sustainable agriculture, as a means to resolving global food production problems.