The Organichain, Blockchain platform.

Organichain is in the process of building a software platform that offers an alternative to the current overpriced, certified, organic regulatory process.

Organic food sales are not regulated unless stated as ‘certified organic.’ This is an expensive process that inhibits some growers to prove their produce is truly organic. Unfortunately, many products sold as ‘organic’ are not truly ‘organic’ and can contain a mix of foods contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals.

By using Blockchain technology, we can change this prehistoric process. By offering an open-source platform that tracks the produce from seed to shelf, including soil testing and fertilizers used. In addition, if there is any tampering of the produce or goods during its journey from farm to supplier, the customer will be notified of the point at which it was interfered. The process also cuts out the middle man, offering higher profit margins for the farmers, easy access to more affordable organic produce for consumers, and provides a solution to the environmental issues associated with damage to the earth’ss soils. In turn, providing incentive to grow organic.

For the consumers and wholesalers, our mobile app will track your goods from farm to delivery point, giving you full transparency. Payments will be held in escrow until the goods are delivered and on time. There will be penalties if shipments are not sent by farmers within the agreed dates, holding all parties accountable.

The system can be integrated with the farmer’s POS or software through API to track carbon emissions, offering carbon rebates to farmers.

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